Saturday, 30 May 2015


Milk is really useful after sport --which not everyone knows.

Milk is an important liquid and 1st June is coming up fast and that is WORLD MILK DAY

 The Dairy Council, highlights how milk plays an important role in children's development, post exercise and in older age.

          Milk provides toddlers with the energy they need. Whole milk  and full-fat dairy products provide toddlers with energy for rapid growth. They also provide protein and phosphorous which are essential for normal bone development in children.

·         Milk can support us after exercise. Milk contains protein, carbohydrate and electrolytes which are particularly important for those engaged in all levels of sport and physical activity.

·         Studies show milk helps with rehydration after sport. When we sweat we lose electrolytes which are essential for the normal function of cells - sodium and potassium in milk help to maintain electrolyte balance,
milk also has a high water content.

·         Studies show milk helps muscles to recover. The level of carbohydrate and protein in milk contribute to the recovery of muscles after exercise when muscle glycogen stores have been depleted.

·         Milk helps us maintain strong muscles as we get older. Increasing protein intake through milk, in conjunction with resistance exercise, will help to protect against muscle wasting as we get older.

Dr Anne Mullen, Director of Nutrition at The Dairy Council, said: "Milk is an excellent source of nutrients essential for development and growth of bone, and muscle maintenance".