Thursday, 7 November 2013


It is the time of year to make soup--so easy to make plus not expensive.

Tonight I made lentil, parsnip and carrot soup for my husbands lunch and it turned out beautifully.

I just put in a big pan  of water some split lentils, a bag of chopped up parsnips I bought from the local supermarket at 10p for a big bag, a few onions a few potatoes from the garden plus a splash of tomato sauce. I always start with boiling water from the kettle the add the vegetables. Then I simmer for an hour. It needs tasting to see if it needs something else adding like a stock cube or yeast extract or some herbs.

Usually I puree it a bit with a stick blender but often not--depends on how I feel.

There will be plenty for another day and it could also be frozen.

I have been really pleased to help Karen with her book and although she does mention "Cake" in the title  she has some fabulous recipes for soup. The recipes include one for bone broth which is really filling and a real traditional recipe.

The book does have some delicious recipes for cakes and sweet items!


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