Saturday, 29 March 2014


A combination of supplements, healthy balanced diet, food fortification and unprotected exposure to sunlight can play a vital role in tackling deficiency. The philosophy has always been food first, but the issue here is
that only a small amount of vitamin D intake can be achieved through diet alone. If people are able to achieve their vitamin D intake through sunlight,that’s great. However living in the UK, the sun doesn’t produce strong
enough rays for vitamin D production between September and May.

“There is also the issue of the overuse of high factor sunscreens which block vitamin D production. All these factors mean other ways of getting vitamin D are often the only accessible option.

“Many people are suffering the effects of vitamin D deficiency. More than 5,000 trials were published on the subject of vitamin D in 2013,with more published every month. Trials which negatively report the effects
of vitamin D often use dosage levels inadequate for the weight of the subject.

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