Thursday, 13 November 2014


I am always interested in the effect of nutrition on the brain plus also on mood and feelings of happiness.
Indeed I write a while ago about nutrition and happiness on an early blog.

I found a nice article on nutrition for the brain on

The article has 8 tips

  1. eat more "superfoods"  --which are the berries and food with a rich antioxidant content. This time of year broccoli, blackberries from the frozen autumn harvest  to mention but a few.
  2. heart health and brain health are similar so watch anything that raised harmful cholesterol levels
  3. ensure the diet contains foods with rich antioxidant levels
  4. have omega 3 fatty acids rather than the more harmful types of fat
  5. eat adequate protein
  6. have unrefined carbohydrates
  7. ensure you have adequate vitamins and minerals especially zinc
  8. drink plenty of water
Do have a look at the article

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