Sunday, 23 September 2012



Unfortunately  1in 2 women and 1in 5 men over the age of 50 years will break a fracture as a result of poor bone health

Bones require adequate calcium which is derived from foods like milk, cheese, yogurt (if you do not take these use a fortified form of soya milk or rice milk), fish with small bones provide calcium. White flour is also fortified with calcium.

Vitamin D is required for the absorption of calcium. This important vitamin is made by the action of sunlight on the skin. Unfortunately this year there has been about 50% of the days being rainy during the summer which obviously means that the synthesis of vitamin D is reduced.

There are a limited number of food sources like oily fish, butter and spreads, full fat milk and cheese made from it, egg yolks, fortified breakfast cereals, liver and red meat.

If you do not eat these foods it is wise to look at a supplement of vitamin D

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