Friday, 1 March 2013

Texture modifications and swallowing

Swallowing problems
Carrot and Swede Baby Food Puree -

Some people have problems with eating and swallowing due to illnesses such as strokes or after surgery. The correct name for such swallowing problems is dysphagia.
Often people were told to have pureed foods—but this can be in different forms and thicknesses. In 2012 Dysphagia Diet Food Texture Descriptors were produced

These descriptors detail the types and textures of foods needed by individuals who have swallowing difficulties and are at risk of choking or food or liquid going into their airway. The descriptors provide standard terminology to be when communicating about an individual’s requirements for a texture modified diet. 

The food textures are:
B = Thin Purée Dysphagia Diet
C = Thick Purée Dysphagia Diet
D = Pre-mashed Dysphagia Diet
E = Fork Mashable Dysphagia Diet
Fluids are not currently included in these descriptors. The following guidance is suggested for information on thickened fluids: Special products can be used for thickening drinks.

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