Friday, 22 July 2016

Vitamin D

I wrote about this a while ago in my blog and having seen children with rickets plus adults with deficiencies it is such an easy supplement to take. Now this has really hit the headlines.

Now official advice from Public Health England on vitamin D has been changed to recommend autumn and winter supplementation for all, while at risk groups including the elderly, young children, pregnant and lactating women, individuals with darker skins, anyone who is not regularly exposed to summer sunshine or who habitually wears clothing that covers their skin whilst outdoors, should take vitamin D supplements all year round. The new radical advice will ensure that most Brits stand a chance of meeting their requirements for this important nutrient which may help to reduce negative health impacts throughout life including the osteoporosis time bomb.
It makes sense to improve the amount of vitamin D you take by taking 
  •  multivitamins and fish oil supplements that include vitamin D which are easily found and not particularly expensive
  • and foods that contain vitamin D like oily fish such as salmon, mackerel, pilchards, sardines and fresh tuna
  •  eggs 
  • red meat like beef lamb and pork as well as offal like liver
  •  fortified foods like special yogurts and other foods

The sun is a source as we can make vitamin D by the action of sunlight on the skin --it has only just become hot and sunny for the last few days and today is cloudy. Also too much sun has its own problems of not justsun burn but  a risk of skin cancers.

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